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Welcome to Conceptos Design, My name is Steve Lemus and I'm the founder. I've worked on great projects with amazing people and i've found that serving them on the highest level is the only way to go! Here at Conceptos Design, we want to help you build your business the way you see it. See what other have to say about the great work we've done together. If you have any questions, you can reach me anytime at (213) 275-3122. Thank You!

Kevin Harrington

"When it comes to online media, there's simply nothing Steve can't do. Just a jack of all trades! Video, photos, web design, Powerpoint presentations, audio, webinars – Steve is just a master at all of these domains..."


Loral Langemeier

"Whether it's videos, images, fliers, posters, banners, Powerpoints, programs, products – everything he creates & designs is absolutely beautiful. He's a huge team player, always willing to do whatever it takes to get a project done..."


Juan V. Lopez

"I've worked on a ton of projects with Steve over the years (from websites for our fraternity, to physical graphic designs for events, to our current job as the 2 lead online marketers at Live Out Loud, to our own online marketing ventures) & I've come to develop a genuine respect and admiration for his creativity, fearlessness & work ethic."


David Torres

"I’ve taken both a personal and professional interest in “following” Steve’s work through different social media outlets. He is always exploring new ways to share information with the word. I like to think of Steve as a “Trend Setter” in the social media scope. "


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